Multi Specialty Hospital for Needy

Donation : $10,000,000/ $10,000,000

SMVS Charities and its global partners collectively have endeavored to set up multi specialty hospital with advanced medical infrastructure to extend its health and humanitarian services. SMVS Charities is in need of generous financial support to set up this hospital and then make it serve the needy.

  • Medical & Blood Donation Camps

    Donation : $14,673 / $50,000

    To enhance the coverage of healthcare services, SMVS Charities organizes regular medical camps.

  • Educational Help

    Donation : $1,800 / $100,000

    SMVS Charities targets to provide scholarships to 500 needy students every year.

  • Disaster Relief Reserve Fund

    Donation : $2,960 / $50,000

    SMVS Charities targets to set Disaster Relief Reserve Fund for quick response to natural disasters.


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  • Testimonials

    “I have visited some the medical centers run by SMVS Charities in India. They are like blessings for the needy.”

  • Testimonials

    “In times of natural calamities, SMVS Charities volunteers are always among the firsts to reach the affected area.”

  • Testimonials

    “Building an advanced multispecialty hospital and providing best healthcare at most affordable rates is surely a cause that needs generous support.”